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HoliK Run

A fun run with colors and after-party on the morning / night before of Holi

5x5 Run

Run 5 Kms each days for 5 consecutive days. If you’re looking to get started to running, want to comeback or a pro - this is for everyone

Bombay Goa Chase

Bombay Goa Chase is an unsanctioned relay race with no frills, no prize money. All in all, its just #YouVsHighway. And this is not just about speed, its about the thrill and experience that you will carry beyond. In 2019, 8 runners from Bombay Running Crew ran Bombay Goa Chase covering 567 kms in 40 hrs 17 mins setting a record at India Book Of Records. We want you beat this record and we will help you do it

10x10 Run

Run 10 Kms each days for 10 consecutive days. 10×10 Run was first run on December, 2012. There was no precedent or advice. We just ran all 10 days at Marine Drive, Mumbai with no glamour or celebrations. It may not be as easy as it seems, and it can get particularly challenging after the 6th day. But if you trust us enough, together we can accomplish this feat

Race Ready

Longest Training Run Of The Running Season